Editorial Manager: Branded Content

We’re looking for an Editorial Manager of Branded Content to lead the charge on producing informative, entertaining content on behalf of our brand partners. Someone who can write, inspire great writing in others, and line edit like a demon. Someone who can devise content packages our readers will devour and our advertisers will be proud to present.


  • Specific responsibilities will include:
    • Campaign ideation during the RFP process
    • Overseeing and participating in the creation of branded content both on sites and across social platforms
    • Leveraging available data and metrics to improve content performance across a range of KPIs
    • Interfacing directly with clients on items including marketing code training, brand seminars, content ideation, and aligning editorial and marketing calendars.
  • Ideate and execute branded content campaigns both on site and across social media
  • Build campaigns capable of targeting a variety of client KPI (including brand awareness, purchase intent, and consumer relevance) while hitting audience metrics
  • Balance personal content output with oversight of freelanced stories
  • Interface directly with clients’ marketers, brand managers, and social media teams
  • Synthesize edit calendars with individual campaign flights to find low-friction content opportunities and maximize editorial exposure
  • Define and share best practices for branded content creation
  • Use industry expertise, Dwell insights and experience to strategize and create innovative, successful, ROI-driven content and social programs for brand partners
  • Leverage audience data insights to both create more powerful content and tell a campaign success story

Ideal Candidate

  • Requires 5+ years experience in digital publishing
  • Must have 1-3 years of experience in branded content creation
  • Demonstrable experience in both traditional digital and social media content creation
  • Strong analytics experience using Google Analytics, Facebook Insights, Sprout Social and Amplitude
  • Curious and excited about building bridges between digital innovation and brand marketing
  • Comfortable interfacing directly with clients in a professional and productive manner
  • Outstanding verbal and written communication skills